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“Augusta’s Historic Cottage Cemetery, Inc”

Cottage Cemetery is 212 years old. It was set aside by Oswell Eve in 1800, to be used for his extended family. The cemetery is located at 1775 Marvin Griffin Road, and consists of two acres of land. There are 120 grave sites, or memorial markers, for men and women who lived and worked in and around Augusta during the 18 th and 19 th Centuries.

 “Augusta’s Historic Cottage Cemetery, Inc” came into being five years ago as a private non profit organization in the state of Georgia. The organization was formed from a group of descendants. Through an agreement with Historic Augusta, Inc cousins obtained (501c3) status in order to receive tax deductible contributions. The agreement places cemetery accounting under the auspices of Historic Augusta, where 95% of funds go towards our goals.

The mission statement of AHCC is to protect, preserve and restore Cottage Cemetery, as well as to provide history and genealogical records for descendants, and for the public in general.

Everyone in Cottage Cemetery is related in some way to everyone else buried there. Outstanding pre-revolutionary ancestors are part of the genes in each of the six couples, who are the progenitors for the 120 occupants of the cemetery.

 Societal impact from those buried in this cemetery, and their offspring, helped shape history for Augusta and a broader area. Individually, they filled many positions of leadership. Offspring of the six couples continue to contribute to our history’s fabric.

A daughter became wife of SC governor, James Henry Hammond. Another daughter became mother of SC governor Wade Hampton. Descendants took part in founding: Richmond County’s Board of Education, the Medical College of Georgia and the American Medical Association, AMA.

 One hundred years ago an Augusta Chronicle Newspaper article stated: “There is not another cemetery about Augusta that holds so much history, so much of interest to the life of Augusta as does the little cemetery tucked away on the side of the hill …”

Perhaps of greater importance is a history, by one of Oswell Eve’s daughters, telling of a close knit family who spent many happy hours at “The Cottage Place”, a near-by home. The cemetery is name-sake for this home.

Grave markers for the “original six” are identical brick boxes with marble tablets covering the tops. Three of the tablets are intact and legible; two are cracked but are still legible. The tablet of Hannah Singletary Eve, whose husband is Joseph Eve, is all but destroyed. The damage occurred either from natural decay, improper cleaning or vandalism. Destruction may have come from all three.

Our committee of descendants hopes family and friends will provide funds to replace Hannah Eve’s tablet for the top of her grave box. Replacing Hannah’s marble slab will provide appropriate recognition for the parents of a remarkable family.

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Photographs below reference ancestors of AHCC interred . Anne Moore and Oswell Eve, Sr. have two sons in Cottage Cemetery. Their history includes Eve's supervisory role for Port of Philadelphia, PA in 1762.   Ann Conner and Paul Pritchard have two daughters in Cottage Cemetery. Their history includes Pritchard's pre revolutionary shipyard on Hobcaw Creek, Mt Pleasant, SC.

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